EWA meets Gina Miller

EWA hosted a breakfast with an exceptional guest, Mrs Gina Miller, the investment manager and philanthropist who has become the figurehead of the legal fight to get Parliament to vote on whether the UK can start the process of leaving the EU.

Gina Miller talked about her life experience, gender equality’s challenges, racism, European citizenship, UK’s catastrophic decision to leave European Union and the constitutional principles protecting citizens’ freedom.



Gina Miller: “Con la Brexit mi sento indesiderata nel Regno Unito”

http://www.ansa.it/europa/notizie/rubriche/altrenews/2017/03/08/8-marzo-g cialis preise deutschland.-miller-da-brexit-conseguenze-peggiori-per-donne_b4a2df30-affc-4118-bc04-a771c82a3955.html