EWA believes that there is no clearer indicator of innovation and progress than the empowerment of women. A holistic approach is needed to ensure the realisation of practical gender equality goals. We need to rethink our current economic model, restructure it to include and empower women at all levels, and reinvent the way we consider each person’s role in society.

To this purpose, EWA urges to acknowledge the value of care work, education and the need to rebalance family’s responsibilities in order to strengthen women’s participation in labour market.

In an era of globalisation and increasing global competition, empowering women from a political and economic perspective is key to development. This is the most important step that both the public and private sector must undertake to reinforce their competitiveness in an increasingly globalised world. Countries that fail to grant better opportunities to women hold back development and reduce growth.

The European Union is undergoing a number of deep transformations, which in many cases have been systematically avoided until now. Demographic changes, ageing population, unemployment, the need to update professional skills in light of the irruption of automation, computing and big data show the need to set a new economic model in which women have to play a key role.

EWA believes that the first step to driving change towards a more inclusive, equitable and sustainable model of society is to adopt a gender mainstreaming approach in every public policy and in funding programmes, thereby reducing inequality and promoting the inclusion and visibility of women. This is essential to better understand the specific challenges that men and women face, and the contribution that they bring respectively, building a balanced and contemporary society. We envision a political, economic and social model that integrates gender perspectives into the preparation, design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of policies, regulatory measures and spending programs, with a view to promoting equality between women and men and fighting discrimination and social inequalities.

EWA is convinced that the marginal reward of women’s contribution both in private and in public life can be reversed only if women mobilize themselves. It can no longer be tolerated that gender-based violence, gender pay gap, women poverty and stereotypes continue to affect negatively our life and future generations with negative consequences on the entire society. Moving towards a fairer Europe will not be possible without a transformation in the structure of the society and its institutions, in which women have often been and unfortunately, still are the minority or mere witnesses.

Women must take actions, stay united and commit themselves in public life to shape a better world based on inclusion, justice and sustainable growth.