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EWA founders and members deeply believe that women empowerment should be considered as a pillar of the European values. Over the last years several movements questioning and jeopardising the basic European values such as solidarity, unity and freedom, equality and gender, spread all over the continent.

Given the tangible risks for the EU to disaggregate and, at the same time, the inadequate responses to tackle the current crisis, it is crucial that women are allowed to be active members of the society. Therefore, we believe that women’s real access to employment and markets are key issues for the progress and subsequent survival of the EU as an authoritative actor in the international scenario.

Women have fought to obtain the right to vote, to access education, to preserve their body integrity and autonomy, to be active members of the society by holding a public office, to work under legal contracts in terms of fair wages or equal pay, to have reproductive rights… Nevertheless, in spite so many achievements, today all those rights are neither fully granted, nor fully practicable.

The level of violence against women is still alarming; furthermore, women participation to the labour market – and their consequent economic independence – is still a luxury for few. Moreover, when women work, they have to face so many difficulties that their full freedom to have a decent job and a private life at the same time is questioned every day. As a consequence, when we look at top positions in almost all professional sectors, they are only a minority.

Such a complex scenario underlines two huge problems in society: on the one hand, women are still considered unfit for high level positions and, on the other, being kept aside within the job market, it is more likely that they are socially and professionally marginalised and unable to raise their voices and speak out for themselves.

This is why the state of play of women’s right and European Union’s instability urge women to commit more than ever. We to protect and expand our fundamental freedoms and equal opportunities as well as to make Europe a fairer and more inclusive place. For everybody.


EWA wants to inspire a positive and cooperative change, by increasing awareness among men and women about the necessity of a policy change at EU level, focusing on social justice, sustainability and inclusion.

With these three aims, we want to overcome the persistent economic, social and political barriers to gender equality and call for greater and more effective commitment to ensuring a fair societal model for all.

Activism, political and institutional dialogue play a central role in the realisation of gender equality.

Conference ' Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Success Stories from EU and Romania '- Opening session
Alessia Centioni

Italian, mom, co-founder and president of European Women Alliance, ten years of experience in European affairs in the field of internal market, trade and foreign policy. She graduated in Political Sciences at university of Rome La Sapienza and holds a M.A in European studies at the ULB of Brussels. Alessia is a pro-European and feminist activist trusting in EU’s integration and women empowerment. She regularly contributes in Huffington Post blog with comments on Italian and European politics.

FEPS "Call to Europe II"Laura Caroli
Laura Caroli

Senior Policy Advisor at the European Parliament, she has a PhD in Geopolitics and previously worked at the Italian Parliament and the Italian think tank “Italianieuropei”.

Agnese Danelon

Vice President of EWA, Senior professional in Public Affairs and Government Advocacy with ten years of experience in the EU arena. Following a B.A. in Foreign Languages (Russian & French) and a M.A. in EU Studies, she engaged herself in a part-time M.B.A concluded with honours in 2017. Travels, friends, food & wine are the passions her my life.

Chiara Zannini

Italian political scientist specialised on EU-Asia trade and political relations. She holds a BA and an MA degree in Chinese Studies from Bologna University, and an MSc In Chinese Politics from the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. Chiara works as a Consultant at Polint, and she is among the co-founders of the NGOs Track2Asia and Young China Watchers Brussels.