We should never take fundamental freedoms and civil rights for granted; rather, wide awareness and active participation to public life are necessary to preserve them and give a boost to women empowerment.

our mission

EWA believes that there is no clearer indicator of innovation and progress than the empowerment of women. We need to rethink our current economic model, restructure it to include and empower women at all levels, and reinvent the way we consider each person’s role in society.

about us

EWA wants to instigate positive and cooperative change, by increasing awareness among men and women from all backgrounds on the continued need to fight, and engendering policy change at EU level that favours social justice, sustainability, and inclusion.

what we do

EWA born from the initiative of European women based in Brussels and who, deeply believe in women empowerment and European values.

Woman European Council

#WEUCO is an unprecedented initiative bringing together Members of European Parliament, European Commissioners and Representatives of the Presidency of the Council of the EU, aiming at making concrete proposals and undertake actions to change European public policies through a gender perspective.

#WEUCO is an informal European Summit, taking place before European Council’s meetings and discussing its agenda to pursue gender policy objectives and to commit women leaders and civil society towards a renewed vision of European Union.

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We aim to overcome persistent economic, social and political barriers to gender equality and call for greater and more effective commitment to ensuring a fair societal model for all.


European Women Alliance a.s.b.l
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