Women’s European Council — 06 March 2019

European Parliament, PHS6B001
6 March 2019 – from 18:00 to 20:00

In view of the upcoming European elections, promoting women’s leadership is key to bring the EU closer to citizens. Equal gender representation on the electoral lists for the European elections and appointment of women to top EU positions are essential to make substantial progress towards gender equality with a view to the next legislative term.

Women have limited access to politics and institutions as well as to the economy and the labour market. The under-use of women’s skills constitutes a loss of economic growth potential and causes gender discrimination. To recover the loss in terms of human capital and economic output, the European Union urgently needs to ensure equal opportunities for women and their full access to the economy. To this purpose, one of the most crucial actions to be taken in the forth-coming months is to prevent gender pay gap by ensuring that the principle of equal pay for equal work is fully enforced throughout the EU. Moreover, women are still a minority in company boards. The lack of women representation at the top of the European firms constitutes gender discrimination and negatively affects companies’ performance on global markets, based on a lack of diversity. Taking effective measures with a view to ensuring women’s participation in company boards is essential in tackling gender inequality, while promoting more competitive and inclusive company management structures.

With a view to upholding women’s rights and effectively streamline gender equality policies and measures,

WEUCO calls for the setting up of a Gender Equality Council formation and the creation of a specific gender portfolio within the European Commission.

These will be the topics that will be discussed in the occasion of the third WEUCO edition.


Arrivals and photo opportunity – 18:00 to 18:10

Opening address – 18:10 to 18:20
Heidi HAUTALA, Vice-President of the European Parliament
Evelyne GEBHARDT, Vice-President of the European Parliament
Patrizia TOIA
, MEP, S&D Group
Alessia CENTIONI, EWA Co-founder and president

Keynote guest speakers – 18:20 to 18:40
Viorica DANCILA, Prime Minister of Romania
Antonio TAJANI, President of the European Parliament

Contributions on key agenda topics: – 18:40 to 19:20

Women leading the EU, Women on Boards and a Gender Equality Council
Violeta BULC, Commissioner for Transport
Mariya GABRIEL, Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society
Corina CRETU, Commissioner for Regional Policy
Virginjia LANGBAKK, Director of the European Institute for Gender Equality

Interventions and debate – 19:20 to 19:50
Gabriele ZIMMER, Chair, GUE/NGL Group
Angelika MLINAR, MEP, Alde Group
Luminita ODOBESCU, Permanent Representative of Romania to the EU
Minna KIVIMAKI, Permanent Representative of Finland to the EU
MPs from National Parliaments

Adoption of the WEUCO Conclusions – 19:50 – 20:00
Adoption and signature of the WEUCO conclusions
Moderator: Marjory VAN DEN BROEKE, Deputy Spokesperson, European Parliament

Family picture

Cocktail reception – 20:00 to 21:30

Lounge MEPs Salon European Parliament